Click Posts (for Journal) or News > Add New

  1. Enter Title in the title box, images and text in the main content area.  Images should be 652 px wide for best results.
  2. To set the point in the text where the Read More link will appear, click the “Insert More Tag” button
  3. If the story is to be featured on the home page, click Featured.  If the automatic crop is bad, a 237×245 image can be set as the featured image to appear in the Featured listing.
  4. Click Publish



Open Pages > Home

  1. The slideshow images are added to the Slide 1 – Slide 7 slots on the right.
  2. To set slide 3, click Set Slide 3, and upload an image.
  3. Once uploaded, click the Set as Slide 3 link at the bottom of the box.
  4. Click the X in the top right of the box to close it.
  5. Click Update in the Publish box to save the home page



Click Videos > Add New

  1. Add a title to the title box, and descriptive text to the main content area
  2. Under “Video” add a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video in the relevant box.
  3. Publish



Open Pages > Introducing Revo.

Timeline entries are composed of a year (formatted as Heading 3) followed by a short paragraph, followed by an image sized at 162×170 pixels.  Separate entries with the code [frame]

Captions for the neighbourhood images can be edited by clicking the image and then clicking the Framed Picture icon that appears.  A box will appear where the caption can be updated.


There is a diagram at the bottom of the edit page that describes the sizes and of the Neighbourhood images and which boxes they are in, in case they need to be swapped out.


Contact us

Open Pages > Contact us

There are several codes mixed with the content that control the formatting of the page.

[column] denotes where the second column begins

The text between [details] and [enddetails] is formatted as the contact details, with the [phone], [fax] and [email] becoming the icons

The text between [hide] and [endhide] is hidden until the user clicks the here link



Click Products > Add New

  • The main content area is the Features section; this is composed of blocks of text with an accompanying image.   This is done by inserting an image (320 px wide) followed by [text] and the text, and separating the blocks with [divider]
  • Reviews are added to the Reviews box.  Add a small image, followed by a return, followed by the text, and separating reviews with [review]
  • Awards images are added to the Awards box
  • The Product Short Description is the text that appears in the Overview.
  • Add a quote about the product to the Quote box; this appears under the product name.
  • Add the features list for the Overview as a bullet point list to the Features List box
  • Add a bullet point list of specs to Specifications. This appears on the full Features page
  • The Short Short Description is for the rollover in the product listings

  • Featured image appears in Overview and as the thumbnail for product listings
  • The slideshow is populated from the Slide 1 – 6 fields
  • Click featured to add the product to the home page, making sure to add a dark background image to the Homepage Featured Image field

Giving a product a Product Category makes it an Accessory

Product Data

If the product only has one colour/finish:

  • select Simple Product
  • Add a SKU if needed
  • Enter a Regular Price

If the product has SEVERAL colours/finishes:

  • select Variable Product
  • Add a SKU if needed
  • Under Attributes, click Add
  • Enter a Name (eg.colour/finish), and values separated by |
  • Make sure Use for Variations is ticked
  • Under Variations, create the different options for the product.
  • …click Add, select the colour, add a price and tick enabled.




Text on the Press page is edited at Pages > Press

Add Press Releases at Press Releases > Add New

  1. Add a title
  2. Upload the PDF with the upload link.
  3. Copy the File URL in the box that comes up
  4. Paste the url into the PDF link box
  5. Publish

Add Galleries at Galleries > Add New

  1. Each gallery is composed of thumbnails with corresponding links to the differently formatted versions.
  2. Images and links are placed between [box] and [endbox] codes.
  3. Add a 154×145 thumbnail image, followed by the links to the files.


There are three pages under Support, but the Register and Support Request forms are created under the Contact tab.
Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 20.16.09

The Owners Guide Downloads page is formatted like the Gallery pages

  1. Each “box” is composed of a thumbnail with corresponding links to the guides.
  2. Images and links are placed between [box] and [endbox] codes.
  3. Add a 154×145 thumbnail image, followed by the links to the files.


ADDING Stockists

To edit Introductory text in the Stockist section, open Stockists > MAIN STOCKISTS PAGE

Click Stockists > Add New

  1. Add a Stockist name to the title box, and the address to the main content area
  2. Add the postcode to the Postcode box.  This generates the rough coordinates for the distance finder.
  3. Click a Region from the Region box
  4. Publish

To add International Distributors, open Stockists > International Distributors

  • Add the name as a Heading 3, and the address.  Separate stockists with the [stockist] code.