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Collaborate and Listen Revo x Monocle

25th February 2013 by revo

“It’s an object with provenance”

Tyler Brûlé, Editor in Chief, Monocle

When über-cool global affairs magazine Monocle wanted a stylish internet radio to compliment their new M24 radio station, they turned to Revo.

Having owned a Revo Heritage table radio for some time, Monocle magazine founder and editor-in-chief Tyler Brûlé was in no doubt that our Heritage table radio embodied the necessary characteristics of style, quality and timeless design appeal that would make it the perfect hardware partner for M24.

M24 Heritage Shelf

There is something Teutonic and midcentury about the G2, which is made in Scotland from brushed aluminium and American walnut. Despite an iPhone dock and organic LED screen, it looks like a machine built for breaking bulletins on the Berlin crisis of 1961.

“It’s an object with provenance,” said Mr. Brûlé, “There’s clearly a design language there which hearkens back to the work of the German industrial designer Dieter Rams.”

 New York Times


The result of the collaboration is the Heritage Monocle Edition radio, sold exclusively by Monocle via their website and bricks and mortar locations in London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Toronto.

The Heritage Monocle Edition radio is co-branded and includes a dedicated M24 button, a one-touch route directly to the twenty-four hour M24 stream.

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