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Winning Streak Runs To Five at Red Dot Awards

1st March 2013 by revo


Taken in isolation, the success of our K2 radio at the Red Dot Product Design Awards is a significant achievement for a small manufacturer like Revo, but its all the more remarkable when you consider that K2 represents our fifth consecutive Red Dot success, following in the hallowed footsteps of our Pico, Blok, Heritage and Axis products.


Having been in existence since the early 50’s and with more than 14,000 submissions from more than 70 countries, the Red Dot Product Design Award is the largest and most renowned design competition in the world. The Red Dot jury is comprised of design experts of international repute, their background and experience allowing them to consciously assess the special intercultural aspects of design. A Red Dot is presented to products that exhibit superiority of design in a total of nine aspects, including innovation, functionality, ergonomics, brand value and durability. Winning products are displayed in the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany, which accommodates the world’s largest permanent exhibition of contemporary design.

Link to Red Dot site

Revo’s Red Dot Hall of Fame


PICO (Red Dot Award 2008)

PICO was our second ever product, and our first ‘domestic’ radio design. The brief was to design a compact DAB radio that could be easily moved from room to room, thanks to an internal rechargeable battery. While splash proofing of its cabinet would mean that PICO could be used outdoors, we didn’t want it to look rugged or utilitarian, preferring a cleaner more contemporary aesthetic. PICO has gone on to become our best selling radio and has been in continuous production since its introduction.



BLOK (Red Dot Award 2009)

BLOK remains the only non-radio product we’ve ever produced. Designed as a backlash against the myriad of plastic iPod docks that dominated the market in 2008, and to a certain extent still does today. BLOK was a vision in American walnut veneer and cold-to-the-touch milled aluminium, a winning aesthetic that would make a reappearance in our Heritage radio some time later. BLOK production ended in 2010.




HERITAGE (Red Dot Award 2010)

Having spent our first three years telling everyone that we would never make a retro radio (everyone else was doing it at the time), in June 2008 we decided to make a retro radio J.

Despite our natural aversion to designing something that could be considered as being influenced by another era, we felt (possibly slightly arrogantly) that what the other brands were doing was a pastiche of table radios produced by brands like Grundig, Telefunken and Braun in the 50’s and 60’s. Consumers certainly seemed to like the retro flavour of these radios, but we felt that no manufacturer had really ‘nailed’ it when it came to key aspects such as attention to detail, materials and design integrity. Heritage was our stab at paying homage to the great table radios from the golden age of radio and its worldwide success has been extremely gratifying.

Heritage product design case study as featured on renowned industrial design website Core77.

Link to Core77 article


AXiS (Red Dot Award 2011)

The idea for the AXiS project was to take some of the technology we used in our IKON touchscreen radio and repackage it in a more compact, less costly design that would have mass appeal. Particular attention was paid to the acoustic design and the use of state-of-the-art flat panel speaker technology paid dividends when AXiS picked up our first What Hi-Fi? 5 star review and ultimately the ‘Product of the Year’ award for 2011.


K2 (Red Dot Award 2012)

The K2 concept was born out of a desire to create an audio device that could pack a sizable audio punch while retaining a modest physical footprint – a tower-like form factor was the logical conclusion. K2’s visual language was somewhat inspired by Apple’s Power Mac G5 desktop computer from 2003 (Apple’s internal codename for this product was “K2 Tower”). The extensive use of aluminium and rubber gives K2 a gloriously tactile quality and the twin amplifier, four driver audio solution elevates the product to a level of its own in the realms of digital radio.