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Revo Reboot: Introducing Our New Corporate Identity

24th September 2013 by revo


new revo logo on stationery


Identity Change

In advance of some significant new product launches over the coming weeks and months, we’re taking the opportunity to roll-out our new corporate identity.

After nearly ten years of sterling service, we’re retiring the original Revo logo. A decade of change has taken it’s toll on our little emblem, leaving it looking somewhat out of sync with the type of products we are making, and the company we want to be.

Our new logo has been designed to reflect our position as a design and engineering focussed audio brand, confident and forward thinking. We hope you like it.


Black anodised aluminium speaker grille

Black anodised aluminium speaker grille prototype with new logo in-situ.


Why Revo?

Over the years many people have asked us why we called our business Revo, what was the meaning behind it? The truth is that there were a number of reasons why we settled on the name Revo. The simplest was that it was an abbreviation of the word REVOlution. Our formation came at a time when everyone was talking about the ‘digital revolution’, digital TV, digital music, digital radio. We also liked the idea that our name symbolically connected us with music’s past and its future, from the notion of vinyl singles and albums REVOlving on a turntable, to the unknown wonders of its digital future.


Our new identity is presented to great effect on this rear backplate component

Our new identity as featured on a metal backplate component from a soon to be released product.