Four Days In Berlin

Oct 17, 2017

Much of the product photography that can be seen on this website and in our accompanying product range brochure, was shot over the course of four beautiful early summer days in central Berlin.

We’ve loved the German capital from the earliest days of Revo and have taken every opportunity to visit, developing our little habits and finding our favourite haunts. Hitting Rum Trader for late night drinks, grabbing a tasty pastry and coffee for breakfast from a corner Bäckerie – one of seemingly hundreds in the city, and always dinner at Alpenstück on Gartenstrasse for what we think is the best schnitzel in town.

Our design philosophy carries a distinctly German flavour, influenced by the work and principles of the acclaimed industrial designer Dieter Rams and his work at Braun, Berlin therefore seemed like the obvious choice for our first international photo session.


We were lucky enough to work with two very talented photographers, the lovely Anna Huix from Barcelona, and young-gun Alex Styles from Wolverhampton. For the shoot itself we used two fantastic apartment locations in the Mitte borough of Berlin, both operated by Alexandra Lichtenberg under the NOMADS Apt. name. Both had the rich, natural and slightly vintage-cool aesthetic that we were looking for to compliment our SuperSeries products.

To help capture the sights and sounds of the shoot for posterity, we enlisted our friend and collaborator Alex Swain to produce a behind-the-scenes video, showing the grit and the glamour that goes along with such an endeavour.

The results exceeded our expectations and present our products in an environment where they look comfortable and are able to shine, we hope you agree.



Alex Styles –
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Nomads Apt. Berlin –


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